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Funded By Donations

Sparkle – The National Transgender Charity organises the Sparkle Weekend celebration in July of each year. We also hold a series of events throughout the year to actively promote fundraising and Trans awareness.

The Sparkle Charity runs the annual Sparkle in the Park celebration every July in Sackville Gardens, Manchester. We offer this as a 'FREE TO ATTEND' event.

We know that many people in the gender variant communities are unable to afford the expenses of Accommodation, Travel and Entrance Fee's too, we want the event to be as accessible to people in the community and our allies, without exception. We offer several days of free live entertainment, market stalls, interactive health and wellbeing events and a vibrant youth zone for those with families and for trans youth.

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COVID-19 and Sparkle

Each annual Sparkle Weekend costs in the region of £50,000 to bring to fruition. Ontop of this we have the annual expenses of running the Charity, outreach at Local and National Pride Events, the upkeep of the National Transgender Memorial in Sackville Gardens, Manchester and the Annual TDOR Remembrance Service.

To run these events we rely mostly on fundraising from the Public, during the pandemic we have struggled incredibly, like most events based charities to keep going. We estimate we have lost around £88,000 in fundraising and sponsorships throughout the Pandemic.

Our Volunteer team have been hard at work, with our corporate and community sponsors throughout the pandemic, creating conversations about the return of the Sparkle Weekend.

We know many of our regular visitors may be craving a Sparkle Weekend in 2022. We estimated in 2019 that a £3 donation per attendee was enough to provide Charity Activities for an Entire Year.

So please if you can, help us to fundraise today!


How to donate?

Our mission is to promote a positive public image of the Trans community within the UK and beyond. We can only meet these aims with the ongoing support of individual donors, our community and our trusted partners.

Our aim is to build confidence and resilience, to develop understanding in society and to challenge stigma. We believe that by continuing to deliver the Sparkle Weekend, we facilitate a spirit of trans inclusion and acceptance within a quality festival-style event.

We want to continue to work with and promote our local LGBT businesses, whilst engaging with other community-minded businesses.

In the age of technology we have a number of ways to donate, but if you don't see the best option for you below, contact us and we can provide further details on how to get involved by cheque, postal order or at a local donation point.

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Text Donations

Text SPARKLE 3 to 70580 to donate £3
Text SPARKLE 5 to 70580 to donate £5
Text SPARKLE 10 to 70580 to donate £10

Texts cost £'yourchosenamount' plus one standard rate message and you’ll be opting in to hear more about our work and fundraising via telephone and SMS.

If you’d like to give but do not wish to receive marketing communications, text SPARKLENOINFO to 70580.

Online Donations

Our new CAF Donate Service
allows you to make a one off donation or  to choose a regular amount to donate to us

Just £3 from every visitor would take the pressure off our Trustees and Volunteers who work tirelessly all year to raise funds and arrange sponsorship.

It will also ensure the event stays FREE to people who would otherwise be unable to attend this great celebration!

Facebook Giving

Why not turn your
Social Media presence into
a Charitable Endeavour!

You can now support Sparkle - The National Transgender Charity, by adding a fundraiser option to your social media posts.

Facebook enables you to easily support our charity and to raise awareness amongst
your friends, family and facebook acquaintances.

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Fundraising and Sponsorships

We also work with a number of Organisations, Agencies, Corporate and Social Enterprises to raise vital funds to support our engagement programmes across Grassroots Talent, Event Organising, our Trans Youth Events, Disability Inclusion and our Unfunded Organisation Attendance Programme.

If you would like to offer support to Sparkle, either with funding, donations, sponsorships or providing us with items for our volunteer goodie bags for the Sparkle Weekend?

Please send us an email to, or complete the form below and a member of the Funding Team will be in touch soon!

Thanks for submitting!


"I lived my life for a long time not knowing where I fitted. Not really feeling feminine/masculine and finding it hard to connect with people. I found my way by pure chance when out wit friends over Sparkle Weekend. I now connect with the friends I made at that weekend on a daily basis. I proud to say am no longer lonely."

Clara, Leeds

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