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Sparkle – The National Transgender Charity began as the organisers of the annual Sparkle Weekend, hosted in Sackville Gardens in the heart of Manchester’s Gay Village.

Since becoming a registered charity in 2011, before both Stonewall and the LGBT Foundation became trans inclusive, the Sparkle Weekend has grown exponentially, and is now the largest free-to-attend celebration of gender diversity in the world, held over the second weekend in July every year. 

The Charity also organises Manchester’s Transgender Day of Remembrance service, one of the largest events of its kind in the UK, and offers guidance and training to businesses, public sector organisations, and educational institutions on how to support gender variant colleagues, customers, service users, students, and other stakeholders. 

Run by a team of passionate and dedicated volunteers, the Charity also undertakes projects throughout the year to further its aims of promoting a positive representation of the trans*, non-binary/genderfluid and intersex community. 

*We use the word ‘trans’ as an umbrella term to include anyone whose gender identity is not aligned with the gender that they were assigned at birth. 


Our Mission

Leading the way for Trans Inclusion

The Sparkle mission is to promote a positive public image of the Trans community within the UK and beyond. Our aim is to build confidence and resilience, to develop understanding and cohesion in society and to challenge stigma.

We believe that by continuing to deliver Sparkle in the Park here in the UK, we facilitate a spirit of trans inclusion and acceptance within a quality festival-style event.

We want to continue to work with and promote our local LGBT venues, whilst engaging with wider audiences to involve carefully chosen community-minded businesses and larger organisations across the UK.

Our People

Meet the people behind the Charity and who give their time voluntarily to our organisation.


Jay Luiz

Chair of Trustees


Lois Fitzpatrick


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Abi Giles

Key Volunteer


Lee Clatworthy

Key Volunteer
Corporate Partnerships



Jaimie Peute

Key Volunteer
Talent Scout & Artist Liaison

Watercolor Shape


Wellbeing Coordinator

Abstract Colors


Key Volunteer
Volunteer Coordinator

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Could This Be You?


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Could This Be You?


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Could This Be You?


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Could This Be You?



Would you like to Volunteer?

We are always looking for motivated individuals, who can spare 4-12 hours a month to help grow our organisation.

We offer great development opportunities, cover travel expenses and are a warm and welcoming team!

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.


Our Patrons


Annie Wallace


Annie from Aberdeen, Scotland, had a consultative role for the character of Hayley Cropper in Coronation Street in 1998. Following on from this she won the part of Sally St. Claire on Channel 4’s Hollyoaks, as the headmistress of Hollyoaks High School. She was the first ever transgender person to play a regular transgender character in a leading UK soap opera.

She has been listed in the prestigious Rainbow List, Pride Power List, Diva Power List, and the USA OUT100, as one of the country’s most influential LGBT people. 

"Wow! What can I say it was just so full of diversity and community spirit. We are looking forward to our next Sparkle Weekend"

Jayden, Bolton

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