The Sparkle Contests

It is that time again when we are rushed off our feet with emails regarding the Sparkle Contests. Love them or hate them they are incredibly popular with Sparkle attendees! We have people chomping at the bit waiting to apply and now applications are open!

You must be available to attend Sparkle on Sunday 14th July 2017 from 12noon until 6pm. To enter any of our contests you must be aged over 18 and entry to Miss Golden Sparkle is reserved for those aged 55+. We request that you send a photo with your application although this is not essential, this helps us to limit the number of duplicated entries and to ensure a fair selection process for everyone.

Last year we had over 220 applications for the contests so unfortunately not everyone can be successful in their application due to limited stage time. We will however let you know if you have been successful in your application by Friday 14th June 2017.

A Contest for Everyone

Although we have a Miss, Miss Golden and Mr Sparkle contest: we welcome ALL applicants to apply for the contest with which they feel best fits their Gender Identity or Presentation.

We hope everyone finds it an exciting, empowering event with a bit of fun thrown in! 

We will welcome previous winners to the judging panel along with some of our Sparkle Patrons, Key Volunteers and Trustees.

If you have any questions prior to an application, please email us.

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