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Please contact us if you require any information concerning the Sparkle Weekend and related activities, the ‘You Brought Your Own Light’ exhibition, and the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance event.


Our team are also here to answer any media enquiries relating to current news stories and articles.


However, if we consider any subject inappropriate or having a negative impact on the Trans, Non-Binary/Genderfluid and Intersex community, we reserve the right to not respond.


If, in certain instances, we are not able to assist, we will attempt to signpost you to the appropriate individual or organisation.

Please 'Contact Us'.

Sparkle Weekend Media Pass

Sparkle Weekend Media Passes, which are subject to terms and conditions, must be obtained in advance from the Reception Tent, and will not be issued without the production of photo ID such as a passport or a photo driving licence.

We take our responsibility to the Trans community seriously. We believe that being Trans, regardless of where people are on the spectrum, is a positive thing, and we also understand that the LGBT spectrum is wide and varied and we extend our support to all areas of our community.

If you wish to act as a journalist (paid or unpaid) or use any professional photographic, video, sound or other recording or transmission equipment for purposes other than strictly personal, private and non-commercial use are a journalist or photographer and want to attend at the Sparkle Weekend, or a Sparkle Event then please see below.


Sparkle is a registered charity which aims to promote and educate and inform of Trans* life and deliver a weekend celebration for all people on the Trans* spectrum and their friends, family and allies.

Sparkle Weekend celebration is held in Manchester Gay Village annually in July.

Sparkle Weekend currently has 12,000 visitors and brings circa £2.8 million into the Manchester economy.

Sparkle in the Park has 6,000 attendees in the park over 3 days.


Photographers Requirements (still and video)

  • Photographers must use industry standard equipment

  • Sparkle “official photographer”Media pPass must be worn at all times

  • All photographers must sign in and out of event site at the reception tent. On signing in all photographers will be required to sign Sparkle’s terms & conditions for Media Passes

  • Photographers must warn any people photographed that their picture maybe published, and where an objection is made photographers must abide by that objection

  • Copyright and usage of Aall photographs taken “on-site” are subject to Sparkle’s terms & conditions for Media Passes which must be signed and accepted by all holders of Sparkle Media Passes must be joint copyrighted with Sparkle Charity and made available in suitable high resolution form for the Charities or Sparkle events use.

  • 20% of any revenue made by a photographer on images taken onsite must be paid to Sparkle charity

  • ALL images that are to be published must have written approval by Sparkle press officer prior to publication

  • All images remain the property of Sparkle events until the owner of the photography equipment has signed out of the event site each day

Journalist Requirements

  • Sparkle Media Pass must be worn at all times

  •  Journalists willare expected to ensure that all coverage is fair and balancednot transphobic and portrays the event Sparkle and the transgender community in a positive light

  • Journalists will not try to engage with artists without the press officer present

  • Anyone to be quoted as speaking for Sparkle events or Sparkle Charity must have been provided for comment by the press officer

  • A recording (digital or written) of all interviews given by or on behalf of Sparkle mustto be provided to Sparkle Charity for prior approval to publication

  • Journalists will wear official press badges at all times

  • Journalists will familiarise themselves with all correct terminology with regards pronouns etc.

  • All print or web articles willmust mention the Sparkle charity website

Media Passes

  • Media Passes remain the sole property of the Sparkle press officer and must be immediately surrendered if requested

  • Sparkle events reserves the rights to revoke any Media pPass if the holder is deemed to have broken the signed agreement or is deemed to be acting in a manner that is not appropriate to the event.

  • If a pass is revoked the holder will be asked to leave the site and photographers will be asked to delete images 


Sparkle Fringe

  • Arrangement to cover any Sparkle fringe event must be made to the venue or person holding the event

  • Press/photographer passes do not entitle holder entry to any Sparkle fringe event.

  • Sparkle fringe events are not managed by Sparkle events or Sparkle charity and this fact must be made clear in any article or footage made at these events.

Media Statements

29th August 2018

Dates Announced: Sparkle Weekend 2019

For immediate release:


Sparkle – The National Transgender Charity is excited to announce that next year’s annual Sparkle Weekend, the world’s largest free-to-attend celebration of gender diversity, will run from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th July 2019.

This year saw over 18,000 visitors attend the Sparkle in the Park festival and be entertained by established and up-and-coming trans and non-binary musical talent, support trans and trans-friendly businesses in the marketplace, and access information and advisory services offered by trusted partner charities.​

The Sparkle team also welcomes back former Chair Jay Crawford, who had taken a period of sabbatical following a serious horse-riding accident and the birth of his first child.

Sadly, current Chair Joanne Mason will be stepping down from her current role to pursue new and exciting opportunities and spend more time with her family.

Interim Vice Chair Lee Clatworthy said;

“The Board of Trustees is sorry to see Joanne go, as she has been so successful in increasing the profile of the charity, its relevance and its influence in the corporate realm, despite the challenges that she has faced over the past 12 months. I hope that our next Chair, who will be voted in at our annual AGM, will build on Joanne’s work, and move the charity onto its next exciting chapter,”

“Whilst it's also unfortunate to see Manchester Pride’s main stage and the Gaydio Dance Arena driven out by what some of the local LGBT+ community see as intrusive redevelopment of the Portland Street area,  we look forward to working closely with the village businesses and analysing our visitor feedback to ensure that the fifteenth Sparkle Weekend in 2019 not only maintains its reputation as the largest celebration of gender diversity in the world, but is also the largest free-to-attend, community-focused event hosted in and around Manchester's iconic and thriving Gay Village."

The 2019 Sparkle Weekend takes place from Friday 12th July – Sunday 14th July.


Further information to be announced at on this site or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Further inquiries contact

15th April 2018

'The Beat of Gay UK' affirms its support as vocal trans allies.

As part of the agreement, Gaydio will promote Sparkle's work in organising the annual Sparkle Weekend, the world's largest free-to-attend celebration of gender identity, and other activities, such as the Sparkle Music Awards, the SPARK trans arts festival, and Sparkle's trans advocacy work both within the local LGBT+ community and with the charity's corporate partners throughout the rest of the year.

Joanne Mason, Chair of the Sparkle Board of Trustees, said, "After working with Gaydio on an informal basis for many years, it's fantastic that they have decided to formalise our relationship. Gaydio reaches over 500,000 listeners every week and will be a powerful ally in furthering Sparkle – The National Transgender Charity's message of trans acceptance and inclusion."

Gaydio Station Director Toby Whitehouse added, “We’ve supported the trans community for a number of years through our outreach work with Gaydio Academy and reflecting the lives of trans people by putting their voices and stories on the radio. We’re very happy to be supporting the breadth of Sparkle’s events in what is set to be an exciting Summer on air.”

This year's Sparkle Weekend takes place from Friday 6th to Sunday 8th July. For details of how to enter this year's Sparkle Music Awards, please visit the Music Awards page or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Further enquiries contact




Gaydio is the world’s largest radio station specifically aimed at lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people.

It reaches over half a million listeners per week across a number of DAB Digital Radio licences including London, Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester, where it is also available on FM.

The station also launches on FM across Brighton this Summer, alongside its existing DAB+ coverage.

For more about the station and to listen online go to

Sparkle – The National Transgender Charity

The Sparkle mission is to promote a positive public image of the Trans community within the UK and beyond. Our aim is to build confidence and resilience, to develop understanding and cohesion in society and to challenge stigma.

We believe that by continuing to deliver Sparkle – The National Transgender Celebration here in the UK, we facilitate a spirit of trans inclusion and acceptance within a quality festival-style event. We want to continue to work with and promote our local LGBT venues, whilst engaging with wider audiences to involve carefully chosen community-minded businesses and larger organisations across the UK.

Our key value is to ensure the Sparkle Weekend remains a FREE to attend event. To actively encourage those may have lower incomes to feel welcomed and be involved with our celebrations whilst feeling they are a part of the ever-growing Trans community. We have made it a key part of our vision to include everyone across the Trans spectrum; trans women, trans men, non-binary people, and those who are within sub-sectional minorities due to secondary identities, such as those with disabilities and those from BAME communities.

Whilst continuing to provide a marketplace over the weekend, we want to increase the inclusion of trans-owned businesses and food concessions as part of our objectives. A solid direction which aims to create new and fresh ideas each and every year going forward; including the continued development of our Family Zone in association with our key partner charities and community grass roots organisations.


Sparkle – The National Transgender Charity are proud to work closely with Transgender talent; As part of this commitment we have ongoing relationships with our very talented and enthusiastic graphic designer.

She works alongside the board of trustees and organises the visual presentation for each Sparkle Weekend celebration in July and a wide variety of our branding and identity across our calendar.


Driving forward the Sparkle Brand is a focus of the charity to increase awareness of the Charity and its Volunteers, Visitors and Allies. As an organisation want to work with

you to highlight our great cause, raise money and promote the brand with our newest Logo's, Designs and Campaigns.

Creating the right opportunities for Individuals, Local Businesses, Corporate Partners and of course Sparkle.


If you have any questions regarding our branding or if you are wanting to create a impactful, creative and visually stunning collaboration to support your Sparkle Fundraising event?

Please drop us an email to

The Media is a powerful tool, if used the right way it can empower people to be their authentic self without fear. Working with media outlets for positive engagement is key to the success of our community and paves the way for transgender youth.

Anon, Powys

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