Spotlight: Miss Sparkle 2019

Abi Giles won the Miss Sparkle Contest 2019.

Since then she has become one of Sparkle - The National Transgender Charity's Key Volunteers. She was one of the subjects in the #YouBroughtYourOwnLight photography exhibition, and also appeared in McCain's 'We Are Family' campaign.

Abi is a vocal and eloquent advocate for trans rights, and is an active member of the Trans NHS Staff Network.

'When I presented myself in that way I felt more confident and comfortable.'

'I started to think, this is who I am. I’ve been through male puberty so I’ll never have the same features as a cisgender woman – my bone structure is bigger and I naturally have more muscle mass – but I’m still a woman.'

As a visible role model for the trans community, Abi was the ideal focus for this article for Marie Claire magazine: Read More Here


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