Events: Sparkle Family Zone 2019

Research has shown that trans and gender non-conforming children can flourish with the right support. This is why the Family Zone, delivered in partnership with Manchester Parents Group, is such an important part of the Sparkle Weekend. It’s not only a safe and supportive space within the event where young trans people can be themselves without being judged or bullied, it’s also at the heart of the Sparkle Weekend – where they can connect with visible trans role models, and discover that you can live a full, exciting and happy life regardless, not in spite, of their gender identity.

Parents and carers of young trans people will also be able to access invaluable advice and information in order to nurture and encourage them, and there will be professionals on hand experienced in supporting gender variant children in care and in school.

Trans and gender non-conforming children are part of our future. Every trans person was a trans child once – so let’s make the path for them happier, healthier and safer. Join us in Sackville Gardens for the Family Zone this Sparkle Weekend.


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