Spotlight: Collective Power at Building Equality

Building Equality is an alliance of construction organisations who are passionate about working together and harnessing their collective power to drive LGBT+ inclusion in the construction industry – creating welcoming and supportive workplaces for everyone.

This is the ethos of Building Equality.

When it comes to creating supportive workplaces for everyone, the Trans community arguably face more instances of inadvertent and deliberate discrimination than any other minority group. A lack of education and positive focus on our Trans, Non-Binary/Genderfluid and Intersex community has led to increased stigma and misunderstanding. At best, this can lead to a lack of inclusion. At its worst, it can result in discrimination, harassment or violence.

Building Equality are creating an industry where diversity is celebrated, not feared. We aim to ensure that all our workplaces are safe and wholly inclusive, and that difference is celebrated. We ensure that people from across the Transgender spectrum are supported to embrace their authentic self and empower them to positively contribute to our industry, and society as a whole.

Education is key to our success. We are actively collaborating with Sparkle to further develop our LGBT+ Inclusive Toolbox Talk, a short presentation aimed at promoting inclusive workplaces and educating on key LGBT+ issues. This runs alongside our poster campaign, which addresses inappropriate language and behaviour still faced by the LGBT+ community.

Through our continued partnership with Sparkle, we are hosting Trans Awareness workshops with our industry’s senior leaders – to educate from the top-down.

We aim to develop wider understanding on Trans issues; empowering our industry to act upon opportunities and make positive changes to enable wholly welcoming and supportive workplaces. We have over 30 organisations from the industry regularly participating in joint initiatives to support LGBT+ inclusion. Through creating visibility, enabling

collaboration and improving engagement, our work has had a positive impact through:

▪ Raising awareness about LGBT+, and specifically Trans, matters

▪ Supporting and encouraging LGBT+ and Ally role models

▪ Embedding the importance of creating LGBT+ inclusive workplaces


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