About Us

Sparkle – The National Transgender Charity organises the Sparkle Weekend celebration in July of each year. We also hold a series of events throughout the year to actively promote fundraising and Trans awareness.


The Sparkle Charity was registered in 2011 after several successful years of the Sparkle Celebration weekend. Sparkle now operates the Sparkle – The National Transgender Celebration weekend, Manchester’s Transgender Day of Remembrance event, and is a community guardian of the National Transgender Memorial in Sackville Gardens.


Sparkle are incredibly proud of their rich history. The organisation has developed its Sparkle Weekend from a Grassroots Community Event, to the more sophisticated volunteer lead event we have today. The charity has developed into National Charity and is continuing its journey as a Trans and ally led organisation and has developed every year since its inception.


Our Mission

The Sparkle mission is to promote a positive public image of the Trans community within the UK and beyond. Our aim is to build confidence and resilience, to develop understanding and cohesion in society and to challenge stigma.

We believe that by continuing to deliver Sparkle in the Park here in the UK, we facilitate a spirit of trans inclusion and acceptance within a quality festival-style event.


We want to continue to work with and promote our local LGBT venues, whilst engaging with wider audiences to involve carefully chosen community-minded businesses and larger organisations across the UK.

Our Vision

Our key value is to ensure the Sparkle Weekend remains a FREE to attend event. To actively encourage those may have lower incomes to feel welcomed and be involved with our celebrations whilst feeling they are a part of the ever-growing Trans community.


We have made it a key part of our vision to include everyone across the Trans spectrum; trans women, trans men, non-binary people, and those who are within sub-sectional minorities due to secondary identities, such as those with disabilities and those from BAME communities.

Our Team


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Chair of Trustees

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Lee Clatworthy

Acting - Chair of Trustees

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Tony Mack


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Stephen Stockton


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Lois Fitzpatrick


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Abi Giles


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Vicki Mulligan



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Julie Woodman


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Could This Be You?


Could This Be You?

Our Patrons

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Annie Wallace


Annie from Aberdeen, Scotland, had a consultative role for the character of Hayley Cropper in Coronation Street in 1998. Following on from this she won the part of Sally St. Claire on Channel 4’s Hollyoaks, as the headmistress of Hollyoaks High School. She was the first ever transgender person to play a regular transgender character in a leading UK soap opera.


She has been listed in the prestigious Rainbow List, Pride Power List, Diva Power List, and the USA OUT100, as one of the country’s most influential LGBT people. 

Stephen Whittle OBE

Stephen Whittle OBE has devoted the majority of his life to campaigning for trans equality. The founder of trans advocacy group Press for Change and FTM (Female-to-Male) Network, and a leading professor of Equalities Law.


Stephen has also received acclaim for his pioneering work from civil rights organisation Liberty, the Lambda Literary Award, the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies, and the International Federation for Gender Education. Born and raised in Greater Manchester, Stephen remains passionate about the city’s LGBTQI community.

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Rebecca Fox


LGBTQI rights campaigner, digital entrepreneur, motivational speaker and writer, Rebecca Fox became a Patron of Sparkle after stepping down from the role of Chair in early 2016. As an ambassador for Sparkle, Rebecca has engaged with grassroots organisations across the spectrum of the trans community, ensuring that our charity remains inclusive, progressive and an influential participant in the ongoing dialogue surrounding trans identity and gender politics.

Rebecca is also an enthusiastic amateur comedian and blogger. Her musings on modern life and  LGBTQI issues can be found at urban-fox.net

Working together to fight inequality and discrimination across our society, in order to improve the life of Gender Variant people.