WHEN 8th - 10th July 2016 Sparkle Fringe Wed 6th to 13th
WHERE Manchester, UK Sackville Gardens, The Village, M1 3WA

The Sparkle Weekend and Fringe Celebration

Welcome to Sparkle the National Transgender Celebration - a weekend festival held every July, in the Village area of Manchester.

Sparkle is open to everyone who sees themselves as transgender – and this extends to friends and families - no matter if they be living full-time or just ‘dressing up’ for an occasional days or nights out. We accept the differing aspirations and needs of the various people within our trans* community, and invite all to come together and share our celebration.

Sparkle is for everyone on the trans* spectrum for female to male, male to female, gender queer, bi-gender, gender fluid, trans-masculine, drag kings, crossdressers, transvestites, transsexuals – Sparkle is truly inclusive and we want to ensure that all aspects of the trans* community is represented throughout the celebration in the Sparkle in the Park, Live Entertainment, Talks and Workshops, and Sparkle Fringe.

Every trans* person has a place at Sparkle and a warm welcome is on offer to everyone.

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Come and Celebrate

Sparkle is about celebrating being trans and all that goes with it. If you're just starting out on the journey as a trans person or ally, or if you've been out as trans for a while - Sparkle is the place to share and celebrate it.

Learn and Share

Sparkle is about sharing information and letting people explore who they are. As well as celebrating we also hold many talks and workshops about being trans - on all sorts of subjects and topics.

Totally Inclusive

No matter where you are on the trans spectrum - an ally, supporter or family - trans male or trans female - full-time or part-time, exploring your gender, gender queer, intersex - or however your want to describe yourself - Sparkle is the celebration of trans diversity

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Sparkle Ball Tickets

Come and join the Sparkle Ball on Saturday evening.

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Upgrade To The Sparkle VIP Area

Sparkle is FREE to attend - but if you want to support Sparkle and at the same time make your weekend even more memorable then upgrade the VIP Area for Sparkle in the Park.

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